52" Double Bladed Light Saber LED Light Up Star Sword with Color Changing on Impact

Paradise Treasures

$ 19.99 
Availability: 100 in stock

  • REALISTIC SOUNDS: Light Saber changing sounds depending on movement or lack there of
  • IMPROVED HANDLE: We have improved the handle to withstand more impact from pretend wars play
  • COLOR CHANGING :Upon impact the saber sword changes colors from Blue red Or Purple
  • GREAT FOR: Halloween,War parties,movie props,child gift,light up party,pretend play
  • Ships By US Seller and Authentic Paradise Treasures Brand

Product Description

Batteries Included! Become the master of the universe as well as your living room with this amazing double-ended sword. This sword is not over 4 FEET LONG, but will also make sounds upon impact with objects and other adversaries. Your war fights wont ever be the same.

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